Our Story

behind born&bare.

A timeless, gender neutral babywear brand thats born from love of life in neutrals. we are here to create a brand that captures our outlooks on life, where there is beauty in simplicity. Our apparel is made to be loved , made to go on adventures, allowing freedom of movement for our little loves to explore the world around them. 

born&bare is inspired by all that is natural & all the colours of the earth . 

We are a female team with a studio based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape , South Africa 



I am Shannon & this cheeky little face is my beautiful daughter ,Evie Rae. Together we have gone on this journey to show what we all about .

I studied a degree in Marketing fresh out of school & straight into the big smoke. Let's just say corporate was not for me. Being surrounded by textiles in my previous industry I was captivated working with such versatile fabrics. I dreamt of being creative, I knew this is the place I needed to be.

I approached my bestie about the business idea, who was in fashion & the textile industry , she then started this brand with me, taught me how to sew & next minute we were live - bringing born&bare to life.

Nats has moved on to pursue her life on the farm. I have now taken this brand on my own, there was a sense of boldness, I knew it was time to explore avenues to grow what we had started . Going somewhere I have never been before can be terrifying but we are sure to keep on creating & bringing you all the goodness .

We now not only sew all our garments ourselves , we have also teamed up with manufacturers to help grow this brand and our vision.


Welcome to born&bare